Kol Cambridge

There are great new albums out right now and we want to give you, our listeners, the chance to enjoy! We will be featuring the best tunes from Moshe Peretz's seventh albukm Simanei HaZman, together with a feature on the hotly anticipated debut release from Ben Eliakim.


Ani Kan Bishvilech - Moshe Peretz

Tihiye Meushar - Moshe Peretz

Laila Lavan - Moshe Peretz & Itzik Shamli

Gibor shel Ima - Moshe Peretz

Ach Sheli - Moshe Peretz

Simanei HaZman - Moshe Peretz

Ani VeHaLevad Sheli - Moshe Peretz

Milionim - Moshe Peretz

Gam im HaOlam Yithapech - Moshe Peretz

Mi Ze - Ben Eliakim

Achizat HaLev - Ben Eliakim

Ein Li Sibot - Ben Eliakim

Mahapecha shel Simcha - Lior Narkis & Omer Adam

Terminal 3 - Dudu Aharon

Things Can Only Get Better - YoAv Arnon & Shay Rokach ft Amir F Guttman

Tel Aviv - Omer Adam


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