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Yom Kippur is behind us, and Sukkot is approaching. Whether or not you are outside building your sukkah, we are here to provide you with the right music to get you in the mood for the holiday. This, of course, together with a selection of some great new releases and a feature on the debut album of the extremely talented Eden Ben Zaken!

Shikorim MiAhava - Eden Ben Zaken
LaTus L'Europa - Eden Ben Zaken
Kama Razit - Eden Ben Zaken
Malkat HaShoshanim - Eden Ben Zaken
Dubi Gal - Ron Nesher, Statick and Ben El Tavori
Ad SheTachzeri - Roni Danidin Levi
Bo LaMigrash - Boy Band
Avir - Shiri Maimon
Pitom - Mosh Ben Ari
Gingit - Amos Elgali
Kayitz Tzarfati - David Darai
Patish Masmer
Shlomit Bona Suka
Sukati HaSuka
Succos Medley

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It's Rosh Hashanah on Sunday! We can't wait to celebrate the new year, and DJ Antithesis wants to get you in the mood with some special Rosh Hashanah-themed music. But... there have also been a lot of great new releases over the past few weeks, so he's throwing in some of those for good measure. A banging show as always!

Habib Jalbi - A-WA
El HaOr - Subliminal & Momy Levy
Rak LaAlot - Kafe Shachor Chazak
Ein Al Savta - Avi HaZamar
B'Rosh Hashanah - Ivri Lider
Shana Tova
BaShana HaBa'a - Ilanit & Ilan
Adon HaSelichot - Itzik Kala
Machei U Masei - Aharon & Yonatan Razael
BaDerech L'Uman - Itzik Dadiya
Adon HaSelichot - Naftali Kalfa
Melech HaOlam - Haim Israel & Udi Damari
Zochreinu L'Chaim - The Chevra
Rosh Hashanah Medley

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