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On this episode, we're sharing our favorite tracks from the debut album of Moti Taka - a musician you should keep an eye on. We’ve also got brand new releases from Peled and Eyal Golan, and a special song dedicated to Asaf Granit of Machneyuda fame.


Boom Boom - Moti Taka

Balbale - Moti Taka

Ose Ma Sheba Lo - Moti Taka

Ba Li Lirkod - Moti Taka

Asaf Granit - Lukatch

Shemesh - Echo

Meshubeshet - E-Z

Bitim - Peled

Hitahavti BaKtzina Sheli - Moti Taka

Kama Ra Li - Moti Taka

Shampania - Moti Taka

Gol BaDaka 90 - Moti Taka

Bezeq Hem Lo Ganavim - John Suissa

Kama Yamim - Eyal Golan & Moshe Peretz

Merci - Roi Sendler ft Brinx

Im Ninalu - Eliyakim Buta

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Feeling glum to go back to work after the holiday season? We're here with new Israeli tunes to keep you feeling that holiday spirit. Brand new releases from Omer Adam, Ivri Lider, the Ultras and more. We’ve got a special feature on Echo’s debut album, and a hot preview of the debut single of Tal Shevah.


Mexico City - All Stars

Baderech LaKineret - Noam Michael

Kmo B’Hawaii - Ilai Koriat

BaIr HaG’dola - Regev Hod ft Roli Eizen

Achat - Echo

Boss - Echo

Mantrot - Echo

Shaar Acharei Shaar - Echo

Cinderella - HaUltras ft Noa Kirel

Tipot shel Or - Hadag Nachash

HaNeshef - Ivri Lider

Rachok Mikulam - Omer Adam

Kmo She’at - Tal Shevah

Lakum V’la’amod - Haim Moshe

Cafe Alhambra - Margalit Tzaanani


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