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Kol Cambridge returns with the biggest and best new releases for your listening pleasure. Among new releases from some old favorites such as Shlomi Shabat, Ivri Lider and Dudu Aharon, we discover the new sensation Victoria Hana with her viral hit Aleph Bet Hosha Na.



Ein Li Sheket - Shlomi Shabat

Alef Bet Hosha Na - Victoria Hana

Lo Masmerim - E-Z & 69

Itach Yihyu Li Yeladim - Maor Edri

Terminal 3 - Dudu Aharon

Yamim shel Kochavim - Yemen Blues

Kovshim et HaOlam - Shai Sharabi

Lean Nagia - Daklon & Sagiv Cohen

Yeladot VeHair HaGdola - Ivri Lider

Heked - Los Caparos & Shaanan Street

HaAretz HaMuvtachat - Chava Alberstein

Lo Kedai Li - Dani Sanderson

Hanichi Li - Shai Tzabari

Shalom Aleichem - HaGevatron

Yedid Nefesh - HaGevatron

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Tues. 9-11PM (Israel); 3-5PM (EST); 12-2PM (PT)

Join TLV1 anchors Ilene Prusher and Gilad Halpern for LIVE coverage of Israel's election madness as the exit polls come out and the votes begin to be counted.

We'll have TLV1 & Haaretz correspondents at the major campaign headquarters and special reports on the issues facing Israeli voters.

Weds. 7AM (Israel); 1AM (EST); 10PM (PT)

Listen to our special LIVE election panel of Noah Efron, Debra Kamin, and Gil Troy putting together the pieces of the jigsaw as the Israeli election results come in - that's when the political game really begins in the race to form a coalition.


Tune in LIVE at www.tlv1.fm

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Election fever is all over Israel and we on Kol Cambridge are encouraging everyone to make the most of their democratic right with an hour of specially selected songs to get you in the election mood.



Kublena al Miflagot Yisrael - Hadag Nachash

Rosh HaMemshala - EZ

Tihiye Li Rosh HaMemshala - Sarit Hadad

Rosh HaMemshala - Shalom Chanoch

HaKol Politi - Gidi Gov

Lama Li Politika Achshav (Acoustic Version) - Mashina

Bocher Michadash - Eyal Golan

Bocheret Becha - Maayan Rudich

Masa Bechirot - Amir Benayoun

Bocheret Bi - Shiri Maimon

Bach Ani Bocher - Moshik Marciano

Bacharti Bach - Liran Tal

Livchor BaDerech - Yehuda Sa'ado

Otach Bacharti - Avihu Shabat

Bocheret Lihiyot - Dikla

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