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Summer is here! Kol Cambridge celebrates with some of the tunes that are destined to be the anthems of the Israeli summer, with a special feature on a spate of recent tracks dedicated to the Tel Aviv lifestyle. Brand new music from Kobi Peretz, Peer Tasi, Sarit Hadad, Ehud Banai, Ariel Zilber, and many more!

There's a change of pace at the end of the show as we mark the upcoming Tisha Be'av commemoration.



Feel the Magic - Kobi Peretz

Yihiye Beseder - Cafe Shachor Chazak & Nechi Nech

Kirkas - Sarit Hadad & Arisa

Margish B'Mexico - Shaked Komemi & HaUltras

Mashke Yakar - Peer Tasi

My Name Is - Maor Edri

Reichot shel Alcohol - Lior Narkis

Malkat HaShoshanim - Eden Ben Zaken

Levadi Bevadai - Ehud Banai

Holech Li Hafuch - Peter Roth

Lean Panta Ahavateinu - Ariel Zilber

Gedalia Reva Ish - Daklon & Sagiv Cohen

Yibaneh - The Moshav Band

L'Mikdoshech - Shlomo Carlebach

Im Eshkachech - Shlomo Carlebach

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There are great new albums out right now and we want to give you, our listeners, the chance to enjoy! We will be featuring the best tunes from Moshe Peretz's seventh albukm Simanei HaZman, together with a feature on the hotly anticipated debut release from Ben Eliakim.


Ani Kan Bishvilech - Moshe Peretz

Tihiye Meushar - Moshe Peretz

Laila Lavan - Moshe Peretz & Itzik Shamli

Gibor shel Ima - Moshe Peretz

Ach Sheli - Moshe Peretz

Simanei HaZman - Moshe Peretz

Ani VeHaLevad Sheli - Moshe Peretz

Milionim - Moshe Peretz

Gam im HaOlam Yithapech - Moshe Peretz

Mi Ze - Ben Eliakim

Achizat HaLev - Ben Eliakim

Ein Li Sibot - Ben Eliakim

Mahapecha shel Simcha - Lior Narkis & Omer Adam

Terminal 3 - Dudu Aharon

Things Can Only Get Better - YoAv Arnon & Shay Rokach ft Amir F Guttman

Tel Aviv - Omer Adam


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There is a new Eyal Golan album out and Kol Cambridge is celebrating! Join us to hear our favorite tracks from his new release, together with all sorts of other fantastic new releases from our favorite artists.

Eyal Golan - Litrof Et Kol HaOlam
Eyal Golan - Kana Lecha Chaver
Eyal Golan - Mila Tova
Eyal Golan - Al Telchi
Eyal Golan - Shishi BeTzohoraim
Eyal Golan - Tizrok LaYam
Eyal Golan - Techayech
Eyal Golan - Neetzar et HaOlam
Eti Biton - Searat Regashot
Ben Eliakim - Achizat HaLev
Lior Narkis - Aneni
Tamid Ze Achshav - Shalom Chanoch
Hava Nagila - Gad Elbaz
Mode Ani - Tzemed Yeled
Shar Bikdusha - Michael Ashash

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Kol Cambridge returns with all the big new tunes including sounds from  HaDag Nachash, David Broza, Mosh Ben Ari and many many more! Whatsmore, Shavuot is fast approaching, and as always we are happy to get you in the mood to celebrate the giving of the Torah (and to consume copious amounts of cheesecake!).



Ten Li Mangina - Hadag Nachash & Avraham Tal

Daf Chadash - Tal Segev & Barry Sacharof

Yom Sheni - Itai Levi

Yihiye Lanu Tov - Dikla

Tni Li Sheket - Meir Alpi

Morena - Meir Alpi

Lev Mitgaagea - Kobi Peretz & Zehava Ben

Barcelona - Moshe Peretz

Prichat HeHadarim - David Broza

Zohar - Mosh Ben-Ari

HaOlam Shela - HaTikva 6

Rona - Ronios & Samir Shukri

Torah HaKedusha - Yaakov Shwekey

B'chag HaShavuot


Salenu al Ktefenu

Atach Bachartanu - Shlomo Carlebach

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Today Kol Cambridge brings you amazing new tracks from Subliminal, Kobi Peretz, Moshe Peretz, the Revivo Project, and many many more. And as if that's not enough, we get you in the mood for next week's Lag B'Omer celebrations with some appropriate tunes at the end of the show.



HaChalom Shel Kol Gever (Mizrachi Remix) - Subliminal

Hakol BeKef - Kobi Peretz

Gam Im HaOlam Yithapech - Moshe Peretz

Yom SheOver - Lior Narkis

Od Yom Over - The Revivo Project

Sarit Hadad Medley - Meir Alpi

Matok KsheMarley - Eliad

Shetach Esh - Harel Moyal

At Kol MaSheyesh - Shlomi Shabat

Bar Yochai - Oneg Shabat

Chag HaEsh

Shir VaZemer Yesh

Kshatenu Al Shichmenu

Bar Kochba

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Kol Cambridge marks Israel's Holocaust remembrance day with a selection of songs written in memory of the 6 million Jews who were murdered during WWII.


Oif Mein Vande - Oy Division
Shtei Mitot - El HaMeshorer
Shir Hashirim - Gili Liber
Medurit Milcham - Gilad Segev
Fugat Mavet - Dan Toren
Katuv BeIparon - HaMadregot
Daf Reik - Yehuda Masas
Betochechei - Moti Bikovsky
Petza Patuach - Mica Shitrit
Alei Zikaron - Noam Rotem
Medurot Nechama - Amir Lev
Levadam - Ronit Roland
Bechol Mikre - Shani Peleg
Paris 1942 - Gila Almagor
Neged Preida - Arkadi Duchin
Freiling - Aviv BaGeto - Hemi Rudner

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Pesach is coming. Join us to celebrate the Israelites transformation from slaves to free men and also to enjoy some classic Pesach songs - some with a modern and unusal twist. Chag sameach!

Avadim - Berry Sacharof
Ani Eved - Yosi Azulai
Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles
Get Down Moses (Let My People Flow) - HipHopShabbat
Chofshi - Quami
Lihiyot CHofshia - Peit, Shi 360 & Shimi Mizrachi
Chofshia - Sarit Hadad
Chofshi Lead - Ahavat Haaretz
Avadim Hayinu - YeladuJazz
Ma Nishtana - Yidcore
Vehi Sheamda - Yidcore
Ma Nishtana 
Vehi Sheamda
Avadim Hayinu
Adir Hu
Pesach Medley
Betzet Yisrael
Chad Gadya
Arbaah Achim

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Kol Cambridge returns with the biggest and best new releases for your listening pleasure. Among new releases from some old favorites such as Shlomi Shabat, Ivri Lider and Dudu Aharon, we discover the new sensation Victoria Hana with her viral hit Aleph Bet Hosha Na.



Ein Li Sheket - Shlomi Shabat

Alef Bet Hosha Na - Victoria Hana

Lo Masmerim - E-Z & 69

Itach Yihyu Li Yeladim - Maor Edri

Terminal 3 - Dudu Aharon

Yamim shel Kochavim - Yemen Blues

Kovshim et HaOlam - Shai Sharabi

Lean Nagia - Daklon & Sagiv Cohen

Yeladot VeHair HaGdola - Ivri Lider

Heked - Los Caparos & Shaanan Street

HaAretz HaMuvtachat - Chava Alberstein

Lo Kedai Li - Dani Sanderson

Hanichi Li - Shai Tzabari

Shalom Aleichem - HaGevatron

Yedid Nefesh - HaGevatron

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Tues. 9-11PM (Israel); 3-5PM (EST); 12-2PM (PT)

Join TLV1 anchors Ilene Prusher and Gilad Halpern for LIVE coverage of Israel's election madness as the exit polls come out and the votes begin to be counted.

We'll have TLV1 & Haaretz correspondents at the major campaign headquarters and special reports on the issues facing Israeli voters.

Weds. 7AM (Israel); 1AM (EST); 10PM (PT)

Listen to our special LIVE election panel of Noah Efron, Debra Kamin, and Gil Troy putting together the pieces of the jigsaw as the Israeli election results come in - that's when the political game really begins in the race to form a coalition.


Tune in LIVE at www.tlv1.fm

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Election fever is all over Israel and we on Kol Cambridge are encouraging everyone to make the most of their democratic right with an hour of specially selected songs to get you in the election mood.



Kublena al Miflagot Yisrael - Hadag Nachash

Rosh HaMemshala - EZ

Tihiye Li Rosh HaMemshala - Sarit Hadad

Rosh HaMemshala - Shalom Chanoch

HaKol Politi - Gidi Gov

Lama Li Politika Achshav (Acoustic Version) - Mashina

Bocher Michadash - Eyal Golan

Bocheret Becha - Maayan Rudich

Masa Bechirot - Amir Benayoun

Bocheret Bi - Shiri Maimon

Bach Ani Bocher - Moshik Marciano

Bacharti Bach - Liran Tal

Livchor BaDerech - Yehuda Sa'ado

Otach Bacharti - Avihu Shabat

Bocheret Lihiyot - Dikla

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