Kol Cambridge

Subliminal is back with a 7th album and it is strong! So strong that we at Kol Cambridge dedicated a special show in honor of its release and took a walk down memory lane with some of our Subliminal favorites.

Tzeva L'Chaim - Subliminal
Chalom shel Kol Gever - Subliminal ft Gilad Vital
Srutim - Subliminal ft Eden Gabai
El HaOr - Subliminal ft Momy Levy
Florentine - Subliminal ft HaUltras
Chalom shel Kol Gever (Mizrachit Version) - Subliminal ft Shimi Mizrachi
El Kol HaBriyot - Subliminal ft Yosi Azulai
Chai MiYom LeYom - Subliminal & HaTzel ft Momy Levy
MiAlef ad Tav - Subliminal ft Shi 360
Biladi - Subliminal
Ani Yachol - Subliminal & HaTzel
HaMakom HaMushlam - Subliminal ft Sivan
Eretz Ahuva - Subliminal ft Shlomi Shabat
Toro - Subliminal ft Alon de Loco & Itzik Shamli

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