Kol Cambridge

We've arrived! We have journeyed through time over the past few weeks, as part of Kol Cambridge's series looking at the best in Israeli music for each decade of Israel's existence and understanding how it reflected society. Today we have reached the current day! Not a full decade yet, but plenty of great music over the past four years to enjoy. Let us know if you think we've missed out anything that should be entering the canon....


Bachur Ragish - Dudu Aharon

Kmo Melech - Moshe Peretz

Hopa - Omer Adam

Ababai Medley - Maor Edri

Ten LaZman Lalechet - The Revivo Project

Levadi - Eyal Golan

Mitun - Shi 360 & Beniton the Menace

Ba Li Tov - Subliminal, Avi Mesika & Kobi Peretz

Lo Maspik - HaDag Nachash

Tel Aviv - Cohen @ Mushon

Tzedek Chevrati - Mash & Drub

Nikbat HaShiloach - Kobi Oz

Tzar Li Charli - Carolina

At Achla Chamuda - Beni Bashan & Boom Pam

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